Five Cryptocurrencies That Have Won the Most New Followers in 2018

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By Clémenton Jan 11, 2019
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A little summary of the top 5 cryptocurrencies with the fastest growth during the latest year.

All the data presented in this post comes from CoinMarketSocial. We have been closely watching the social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and Telegram) of more than 2,200 cryptocurrencies since 2017 in order to uncover insights and provide transparency.

#5 CyberMiles +288k new followers

CyberMiles is the real surprise of this ranking. With a growth of 5,362% from 5,381 followers on January 1st to more than 293k followers on December 31st, this is the account with the highest percentage growth of the year 2018. CyberMiles provides a blockchain solutions for the E-commerce industry. They launched their Mainnet last October and promise to become a strong alternative to Ethereum, reaching 10,000 transactions per second. To be honest, I did not know this project before investigating our data set. CyberMiles has a Market Cap of $21M and is ranked at the 137th position on CMC.

Nevertheless, if you look more closely at its curve below, you will notice that the acquisition of the followers might not be organic but it is almost linear over two periods (from January to April and from June to July). It might let us think that CyberMiles spent part of its ICO funding on Twitter Ads to promote its account or used other methods to maintain a steady growth.


#4 TRON +308k new followers

Tron was created by Jack Ma’s protégé as a platform for decentralized applications. When it comes to social media growth, it seems like 2018 was a special year for Tron. The project was started during a crazy growth of the crypto market, which helped it, in addition to the vision of its founder to become a major actor of this sector by working with various large industries. The platform is now available on its own Mainnet and is able to welcome several thousands of users on their dApps. Recently, Tron has announced the acquisition of BitTorrent and the launch of a new token (BTT) with an ICO which will be organized on the Binance platform, same as Tron’s own ICO. On Twitter, the account TronFoundation grew by 567% from 54k to 362k followers.


#3 Bitcoin +316k new followers

Despite a difficult year due to the challenges related to its scalability and various forks, the mother of all cryptocurrencies recently celebrated its 10th anniversary. In 2018, it saw a 51% increase in followers from 609k to 926k followers. Bitcoin remans one of the most popular cryptocurrencies on Twitter, ahead of Ripple and Binance.


#2 Ripple +458k new followers

Even if Coinbase did not add XRP to its platform, Ripple was still an attractive cryptocurrency during 2018 with a 101% growth in followers from 452k to 910k followers. More and more banks worldwide have decided to test and even launch new services based on its Ripple’s network.


#1 Binance +682k new followers

Since its ICO in the summer of 2017, Binance has experienced an exceptional growth. After becoming the world’s leading trading exchange in the span of a few months, Binance has diversified itself by kickstarting several projects such as its own incubator or token emission platform. Within a year of existence, Binance has grown from 216k to 899k followers, a growth of more than 315% while the BNB token became one of the top 20 cryptocurrencies.

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