Craig Wright and His Patent Empire: More Than 100 Blockchain Patents Filed in Two Years

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By Maud Guon Mar 20, 2019
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Craig Wright, the Australian self-proclaimed creator of Bitcoin, has reportedly filed a total of 114 blockchain-related patents since 2017.

Craig Wright, the Australian self-proclaimed creator of Bitcoin, has reportedly filed a total of 114 blockchain-related patents since 2017.

According to a recent investigation by Hard Fork, data from the World Intellectual Property Organization’s (WIPO) website have shown that blockchain company nChain was the most prolific one in submitting blockchain patents.

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More Than 150 Patents Filed by CSW Over the Past 19 Months

Craig Steven Wright, or CSW, serves as the chief scientist at nChain. According to a research report by The Next Web, WIPO, a United Nations agency that focuses on making known potential innovations in a particular industry or space, has already published 155 patents filed by CSW since August, 2017.

As the report put it, among CSW’s 155 patents, the term “blockchain” was used 114 times in patent titles, while “cryptocurrency” occurred six times and “Bitcoin” did not appear at all. “Smart contracts” and “digital asset” occurred 10 times and 12 times respectively.

Yet that does not mean that CSW has had proprietary control over these patents, seeing that “approval relies on whether or not the patent office deems it truly innovative.”

“If (and only if) the patents are approved, this would mean Craig has the monopoly on the use, production, and distribution of the patented idea, potentially making many in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry considerably uncomfortable,” The Next Web added.

Some people argue that Craig Wright seems to be crazy about patents, yet what he really intends to do is to monopolize the market so as to rake in massive profits from renting these innovative technologies.

“His tactics and activities have all the marks of being a patent assertion entity or what’s pejoratively known as a troll. I’m not aware of his companies having any products,” said Marc Kaufman, an attorney who co-chairs the Blockchain Intellectual Property Council at the U.S. Chamber of Digital Commerce.

CSW Deletes His Twitter Account After Getting Heckled

Wright has recently disappeared from Twitter, with more than 10,000 tweets being removed from his Twitter account over a 24-hour period.

As a controversial cryptographer, CSW has attracted copious criticism from the crypto community for a long time. He announced on Twitter that he will sue anybody making false claims or harassing his Twitter account, yet more and more spoof accounts sprung up to mock his statements.

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Now the social media platform seems to become a little quieter, as Wright’s Twitter account was found offline at the moment.

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