16 Nov
  • 10:20

    Bitcoin Group SE, which operates Bitcoin.de, will become a bank after securing a 100 percent takeover of Tremmel Wertpapierhandelsbank. Once the process completes, which is expected by Q3 2019, Bitcoin.de will be able to provide services such as Bitcoin ATMs. (Bitcoinist)

  • 10:12

    Immediately after the Bitcoin Cash hard fork, the blocks on the Bitcoin ABC chain started filling up with nonsensically small transactions. The method of attack seemed to be repeatedly sending transactions between the same addresses. (CCN)

  • 10:02

    The patent, which was published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on November 13, outlines several reasons why this might be valuable. Customers get increased security by storing their cryptocurrencies “in a cryptocurrency vault that is eventually taken offline.” Furthermore, the manner in which it is done can lead to lower electricity consumption. (CoinCryptoRama)

  • 09:55

    Binance is advising its remaining users in Iran to withdraw their money as the cryptocurrency exchange seeks to comply with international sanctions. Sepehr Mohamadi, Chairman of the board of the Blockchain Association of Iran, said emails like this have been trickling in for months, but their numbers recently increased following renewed U.S. sanctions, which activated on November 5. Malta-based Binance, which declined to comment for this article, was mainly shuttering accounts of users who provided Iranian passports as part of the know-your-customer (KYC) process. But this week it also began warning accounts connected to Iranian IP addresses to get their crypto out. (CoinDesk)

15 Nov
14 Nov
  • 17:38

    Christine Lagarde, managing director and chairwoman of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), has encouraged the exploration of a central bank digital currency (CBDC) in the light of decreasing demand for cash and rising preference for digital money. (CoinDesk)

  • 14:46

    Ross Leckow, an IMF official, was in conversation with Brad Garlinghouse, Ripple’s Co-founder. Amongst other things, they discussed the Fintech industry and the role of blockchain in it. Accounting for the changing nature of the financial and banking sectors they now also look to advise in issues of balance of payment management and navigate through various financial difficulties. (CoinCryptoRama)

  • 14:10

    Bitcoin fluctuated within a narrow range before trading at $6,458. Major altcoins have seen mixed results, with Stellar falling 5% over 24 hours. Out of the top 50 coins, 39 suffered losses.

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  • 13:42

    Betreasury, a blockchain company developing a crypto-ecosystem for financial applications, after 3-years of intensive research, has launched stable coin BUSD, which is pegged 1:1 to USD via asset collateralization. To ensure financial stability, the company has guaranteed a US dollar behind every BUSD in capital reserve, ensuring a 100% reserve ratio. BUSD has also been receiving supervision from financial regulatory bodies, and is strictly audited by accredited third-party accounting and law firms. (PR Newswire)

  • 13:35

    GMO Internet announced on Monday that it has postponed the shipments of its 7nm ASIC bitcoin mining equipment. The company has two lines of mining rigs: B2 and B3. The former was scheduled to start shipping at the end of October and the latter in November. The representative emphasized that refunds will be issued to any customers who ask for them. (Bitcoin.com)

  • 13:27

    Bitcoin Group SE has bought 100% shares of investment bank Tremmel for an undisclosed amount. This is the German digital currency exchange operator’s second acquisition in 2018. Bitcoin Group, which holds current assets of $40 million, said Tremmel allows it to issue its own cryptocurrency-related products, conduct proprietary trading and operate bitcoin ATMs. (Bitcoin.com)

  • 13:21

    Malta-based cryptocurrency exchange OKEx has added the Vietnamese Dong (VND) on its Customer-to-Customer trading system, enabling Vietnamese customers to exchange their fiat currency for tokens on the platform. (Bitcoin Magazine)

  • 12:43

    Experts from analytical firm Trefis have forecasted increased sales of Nvidia’s graphics processing units (GPUs) at the end of Q3 of this year. Trefis notes that, while overall GPU sales will be up, sales from cryptocurrency-related activities will remain in a downtrend. American GPU manufacturer Nvidia is purportedly set to release its Q3 results on Nov. 15, and Trefis experts have predicted an earnings growth by slightly over 20 percent on a year-on-year basis. (Cointelegraph)

  • 12:38

    SEC has warned investors that Q Exchange Co Ltd is not a licensed cryptocurrency dealer and any investment made with the company might not be lawfully protected. (Bangkok Post)

  • 11:23

    There are currently 3,962 Bitcoin ATMs installed around the world, according to CoinATMRadar. The country with the highest number of installed machines is the U.S. with 2,353. This is followed by Canada with 678, Austria with 248, the U.K. with 204, and the Russian Federation with 72, making up the top five. (Live Bitcoin News)

  • 11:08

    The Isle of Man recently updated its Designated Businesses Registration policy concerning cryptocurrency companies operating in the British Crown dependency. According to the document, the IOMFSA will no longer register any cryptocurrency business in the Island unless the companies in question satisfy two requirements: having a minimum of two board of director members resident on the Island; management and control of the business being domiciled on the Island. IOMFSA believes the updated policy help with its fight against money laundering and terrorist financing. (Bitcoinist)

  • 10:42

    CME’s Bitcoin futures for December closed down $40, falling more than 0.63% to finish the session at $6,285. On June 29, the CME Bitcoin futures contract for the previous month closed at a record low of $5,865. CBOE’s XBT Bitcoin futures for December closed down $47.50, falling more than 0.75%, changing hands at $6,272.50. On June 29, the CBOE’s XBT Bitcoin futures contract for the previous month closed at a record low of $5,897.50.

  • 10:37

    More than a third of German logistics managers believe that blockchain technology has the potential to significantly improve cooperation in supply chains, according to a Hermes survey published Nov. 12. In larger companies—specifically in companies with more than 250 employees—the estimate is even higher, with half of all the managers noting blockchain technology’s potential in the industry. (Cointelegraph)

  • 10:28

    Today the digital currency market saw more losses than gains. Bitcoin was trading at $6,458.29, up 0.11% in 24 hours. Ethereum was trading at $209.98, falling 1.41% over 24 hours.
    1. The digital currency market cap was $210.0301 billion, $1.8 billion lower than yesterday, with a 24h volume of $13.4731 billion, up $0.3 billion from yesterday.
    2. Among the top 30 coins, 28 suffered losses. Fluctuations ranged from –7% to 1%, with an average fluctuation of –2.21%.
    Biggest 24h gains:
    XTZ (1.02%), MKR (0.45%) and MIOTA (0.18%).
    Biggest 24h losses:
    LSK (–6.39%), ZRX (–4.76%) and ZEC (–4.70%).
    3. Snapshot of the crypto market today:
    Biggest 24h gains:
    Bitcoin Cash SV (82.34%), Startcoin (77.43%) and Iconomi (73.99%).
    Biggest 24h losses:
    EOSpace (–50.27%), Desire (–30.84%) and Gold Bits Coin (–30.38%).

  • 10:25

    A Canadian court is taking charge of $26 million CAD claimed by crypto exchange QuadrigaCX due to a dispute over the funds’ provenance. Judge Glenn Hainey of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice granted the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) an interpleader order on Nov. 9, allowing the court to take control of the funds until their ownership can be established. (CoinDesk)

  • 10:15

    Thailand’s Democrat Party has become the first political party to use blockchain technology to elect its leaders in a primary election, which was held from November 1–9, 2018. In a live e-voting system, more than 120,000 party faithful cast their votes in a transparent way that saw former Thai Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva winning his party nomination with 67,505 votes. (Bitcoin Magazine)

  • 09:39

    CoinGate tweeted that “We are thrilled to announce that Litecoin Foundation accredited CoinGate as the official, trustworthy Litecoin payment processor! With the confidence of the Foundation, we continue our work on upcoming Litecoin’s Lightning Network.” (AMBCrypto)

13 Nov
  • 17:51

    Gold-backed AurumCoin is the latest cryptocurrency project to fall victim to 51 percent attack, resulting in the loss of AUD$15,752.26. (BTCMANAGER)

  • 17:44

    The president of the Marshall Islands survived a no-confidence vote after senators derided her plan to launch a national cryptocurrency. The nation is moving forward with the endeavor despite criticism from the IMF. Marshall Islands President Hilda Heine looks to have a clear mandate to keep pushing forward with her proposed state-backed cryptocurrency after navigating through a no-confidence vote. (Bitcoinist)

  • 17:24

    Today, the price of XEM and ZEC surged after being listed. Coincheck resumed XEM trading for the first time. Coins that surged following the listings were ICX, NANO and DGB. Nano launched its Nanocharts.info project.

  • 17:20

    Naver Corp. is set to challenge the Japanese search market for the third time, this time armed with blockchain technology. The company is planning to push into Japan’s search market by securing data needed for search services through blockchain-based decentralized apps (dApps) launched by its Japanese subsidiary, LINE Corp. (BusinessKorea)

  • 14:13

    Bitcoin is hovering around $6,450. The major altcoins have seen broad losses, with Stellar falling more than 5% in 24 hours.

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  • 13:55

    Fluidity, a Brooklyn-based crypto technology company, offers works with FINRA-registered broker-dealers and issuers to help them incorporate blockchain technology into their SEC-compliant offerings. By using smart contracts, Fluidity has tokenized a $36.5-million property of luxury condominiums in Manhattan, allowing investors to purchase a stake. Investors can either hold the tokens or sell them to other buyers. (The Daily Hodl)

  • 13:32

    Coin Dance notes that of the 2,246 nodes running on the Bitcoin Cash network, 1,079 are Bitcoin Cash ABC nodes, while 166 are Bitcoin Cash SV nodes. According to Coin Dance, 66–77 percent of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) miners are backing the SV network based on currency hash rates, compared to 18–29 percent backing Bitcoin Cash ABC. Launching a Bitcoin node is cheap, and in theory, a user could launch several nodes for under a few hundred dollars. While hash rate is crucial for Proof-of-Work (PoW), if a coin is not accepted by exchanges, the hash would be wasted. (Cointelegraph)

  • 11:25

    IMF has expressed misgivings about the plan to offer a national cryptocurrency by the Marshall Islands, saying that this would “increase macroeconomic and financial integrity risks, and elevate the risk of losing the last U.S. dollar correspondent banking relationship.” (CCN)

  • 11:15

    CME’s Bitcoin futures for December closed down $10, falling 0.16%, and were trading at $6,325. On June 29, CME’s Bitcoin futures contract for the previous month closed at a record low of $5,865. CBOE’s XBT Bitcoin futures for December closed up $5, gaining 0.08%, trading at $6,320. On June 29, CBOE’s XBT Bitcoin futures contract for the previous month closed at a record low of $5,897.50.

  • 11:14

    Brad Garlinghouse, the CEO of Ripple, stated: “Thailand would be another country that we’ve seen that is expressly and explicitly legalized and endorsed digital assets including XRP. We’ve seen some of that same activity in the Philippines.” (AMBCrypto)

  • 10:47

    KPMG LLP announced today its partnership with the Blockchain in Transport Alliance (BiTA) to help develop blockchain standards for the transportation industry, which is currently confronted with managing the complexity associated with supporting smart warehouses, expedited and competitive shipping practices, and the evolution of brick-and-mortar to online retail business models. (PR Newswire)

  • 10:39

    In a recent interview with Ripple’s Co-founder Brad Garlinghouse, Ross Leckow, an IMF official, discussed the Fintech industry and the role of blockchain in it. IMF has 189 countries on the board of members at present. These members are also seeking an approach to placing regulations that guard the industry against the risk posed by new technologies. The official also revealed that IMF is conducting intense work in the space through several distinct initiatives. The authority has an active program of research and publication dedicated to the industry and the technology. (AMBCrypto)

  • 10:15

    A BP, Shell and Equinor-backed project to modernize physical energy post-trade processes using blockchain technology is set to go live by the end of the year, platform consortium Vakt said Monday at S&P Global Platts Digital Commodities Summit in London. (S&P Global Platts)

  • 10:08

    Several major cryptocurrencies suffered losses today. Bitcoin was trading at $6,454.76, falling 0.19% in 24 hours. Ethereum was trading at $212.96, down 0.43% in 24 hours.
    Market prices at 8am:
    1. The digital currency market cap was $211.8066 billion, $0.7 billion lower than yesterday, with a 24h volume of $13.1477 billion, up $0.8 billion from yesterday.
    2. Among the top 30 coins, 22 suffered losses. Fluctuations ranged from –4% to 19%, with an average fluctuation of 0.32%.
    Biggest 24h gains:
    XEM (18.69%), ZEC (4.43%) and XRP (2.74%).
    Biggest 24h losses:
    ZRX (–3.29%), BCH (–3.05%) and DOGE (–2.38%).
    3. Snapshot of the crypto market today:
    Biggest 24h gains:
    CryptoWorld.VIP (317.22%), Delizia (60.61%) and Mallcoin (54.05%).
    Biggest 24h losses:
    Love Wine Chain (–47.49%), IPTChain (–42.70%) and AirdropToken (–35.49%).

12 Nov
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