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21 Jan
  • 14:27

    The central banks of the UAE and Saudi Arabia want to pilot a shared digital currency for cross-border bank transactions, they said on Saturday, a move that could revolutionise the remittance industry and build investor faith in cryptocurrencies, according to experts. (The National)

  • 13:33

    With last week’s Constantinople delay offering a reminder that ethereum faces challenges in its long roadmap to migrate from a proof-of-work (POW) consensus algorithm to proof-of-stake (POS), it’s easy to miss the fact that elsewhere in crypto-land, POS is already a thing. A little-discussed ramification is that POS will drive new business and financial models for cryptocurrencies, which will, in turn, give rise to a new regulatory and security challenges. Viewed through the prism of traditional finance, a consensus model in which owners of cryptocurrency earn block rewards when they stake, or deposit, their holdings to “vote” on ledger validation starts to look a bit like an interest-earning function. And when third parties, such as those that are starting to provide “staking as a service,” do this on behalf of coin-holders who trust them to provide custody and exchange functions, it starts to look like banking. (CoinDesk)

  • 11:50

    BEF or Blockchain Economic Forum is backed by LA token which is scheduled for Jan 24-26, 2019 in Davos, Switzerland. It is primarily focusing on “The Decentralized Financial System”. (RippleCoinNews.com)

  • 11:22

    As bitcoiners celebrate the 10th anniversary of Satoshi’s invention, veteran enthusiasts will be aware that a lot has changed since the early days. One business that was once incredibly popular is the art of manufacturing loaded physical bitcoins. Government regulations have forced operations to cease, causing the physical bitcoin minting business to virtually grind to a halt. (Bitcoin.com)

  • 11:10

    U.S. government shutdown may become a great opportunity to pick up cheap BTC from U.S. government workers not getting paid & have to sell part of their holding stack. (Bitcoin.com)

  • 10:49

    The results of a survey published by Credit Karma estimate that crypto investors in the U.S. realized losses of approximately $1.7 billion during the previous tax season. Additionally, the report finds that U.S. investors incurred a further $5.7 billion in unrealized losses. (Bitcoin.com)

  • 10:47

    Constantinople hard fork activation has been set for block number 7,280,000, scheduled to hit on February 27th, according to developer Péter Szilágyi. (CoinDesk)

  • 10:35

    We are way too early for “mainstream adoption” to be a sensible success metric for DApps, says Coleman Maher, Head of Partnerships at blockchain platform Origin Protocol. (CoinDesk)

  • 10:20

    On Jan. 18, after an unsuccessful attempt to enter the Philippines market earlier this month due to foreign ownership concerns, Go-Jek, a major Indonesian ride-sharing platform has announced a partnership between with Coins.ph, a local crypto wallet and payments platform. The Filipino firm is currently in the process of rolling out beta access to users in the waiting list for Coins Pro, its in-development cryptocurrency exchange. (CCN)

  • 10:11

    With well over 200 million users across the globe, few video games have as large a following as Fortnite. The freemium game is so popular that its developer, Epic Games, banked $3 billion in 2018. However, according to a report on the Independent, Epic Games isn’t the only entity getting rich off Fortnite. V-Bucks, the game’s official in-game currency, are increasingly being used as a tool for money laundering on the dark web. (CCN)

  • 10:05

    Gabor Gurbacs, the chief digital asset strategist at VanEck, a New York-based investment firm, has predicted that the crypto market will have a slow and steady rise in 2019. He also emphasized the importance of custody and surveillance programs, claiming that they will bring due diligence to the industry which is very much needed. Speaking of ETFs, Gurbacs agrees that ETFs and futures will be the driving force behind getting institutional support. (Bitcoin Exchange Guide)

  • 09:52

    Auscoin, an Australian bitcoin ATM company, has reported a weekly turnaround of $360,000 in 2018. According to the reports, it’s currently operating 31 ATMs throughout Australia but it’s planning to expand. (Bitcoinist.com)

  • 09:51

    There is no clear pointer to the owner(s) of the business. Nowhere online (even on their website) can you find a reason to trust the ownership of the company. One thing to note is that if a company (especially one in MLM) is not very public or open about the ownership and the key players, it’s probably a scam. (Bitcoin Exchange Guide)

18 Jan
  • 18:22

    Three new technologies, namely blockchain, cognitive and digital reality, have taken up the “disruptor” mantle, each poised to become a distinct macro force in its own right, according to a new report by Deloitte. The report stresses out the “profoundly disruptive” nature of blockchain which will likely transform not only business but also the way humans transact and engage. (CoinJournal )

  • 16:30

    Three crypto whales just moved 61,346,295 XRP worth more than $20 million. The total fees for all three transactions combined cost less than a penny. The biggest transaction moved $14 million in XRP from an unknown wallet to the US crypto exchange Bittrex, which indicates a trader may be looking to sell. The other two whales moved XRP from Bittrex to the Korean exchange UpBit. (The Daily Hodl)

  • 15:53

    Canadian Bankers Association Wants Blockchain-Powered Digital Identification Systems
    The Canadian Bankers Association stated that Canada should create a digital identification system that utilizes technologies such as blockchain and biometrics to enable a live video ID verification process. (BTCManager)

  • 15:17

    The Institute for Fintech Research, Tsinghua University (THUIFR) has partnered with Ripple to launch the Blockchain Technology Research Scholarship Program (BRSP) for graduate students in China. Based on the research resources and achievements of THUIFR, BRSP will focus on international regulatory policies and the development of blockchain tech. (Crowdfund Insider)

  • 15:08

    Alliance Investment says that it’s based New Zealand but, given that the NZ FMA has added to its warning list of scam firms, that’s probably not the case. More amusing is the fact that the firm claims that it was founded in 2008. Of course, Bitcoin was not launched until the start of 2009, meaning that the company is either lying or it was way ahead of the rest of the world. According to the NZ FMA, Alliance Investment Ltd is also attempting to frame itself as part of a legitimate investment firm called “Alliance Investments Limited.” (Finance Magnates)

  • 14:36

    On Jan. 17, financial services company Coinme announced that people visiting select Safeway and Albertsons stores in California, Texas, and Washington can now purchase bitcoin core (BTC) through Coinstar kiosks. Coinstar devices are fully automated self-service coin-counting machines and now thousands located in the U.S. market could be equipped to handle cryptocurrency transactions. (Bitcoin.com)

  • 13:57

    A regulatory working group in South Africa, which includes the country’s central bank, has released a consultation paper on crypto assets this week. According to the document, all exchanges, wallet providers, Bitcoin ATMs and payment processors will have to register with the government in 2019. (Bitcoin.com)

  • 13:44

    U.K. bank Barclays and London-based startup Clearmatics are inviting coders to come up with ways to connect ethereum with made-for-enterprise blockchains such as Hyperledger Fabric. The interoperability challenge is being hosted by Clearmatics and will use a template involving its open-source interoperability protocol, Ion. The hackathon will take place at the Barclays Rise fintech hub in London on February 5 and 6. (CoinDesk)

  • 12:21

    As a project with great attention, RSK has strong endorsement of Bitcoin mining hardware manufacturer Bitmain and the support of many top exchanges, mining pools and wallets which also triggered a RSK mania in early 2018. After the launch of RSK mainnet and the merge of RIF and RSK, RSK’s official token finally got listed on exchanges in early 2019. RIF token trading based on RSK by Bitfinex means that the RIF has been recognized by top exchanges and its price will be tested in the secondary market. The listing of RIF will also revitalize the entire Bitcoin side chain system and RBTC ecosystem, and ultimately realize the project vision of combining the advantages of Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, the overall promotion speed of the RSK project is still slow and the community has some doubts about it. Listing on top exchanges is only a good start, and the future development is hard to predict. (Evaluape)

  • 12:20

    In order to solve the performance limitations of Ethereum, Augur and 0x jointly developed Veil-a prediction market and derivatives platform, which was financially supported by Sequoia Capital, 1confirmation and Paradigm. Veil’s mainnet was launched on January 15.There are many interesting predictions on its website, such as the Oscar Winner, the price prediction for Grin and so on. The prediction market is a high-potential land for Dapp, but has been long ignored by businesses. However, in 2019, it may reach a milestone with the industry gradually rooted in the real world: 1) Implementation of products; 2) Steady growth of users on Ethereum; 3) Dai solves the problem of exchange rate stability for Ethereum; 4) Veil can bypass the regulation and develop digital currency derivatives in a decentralized way, which provides a high-potential market space. However, Augur needs to spend more efforts on product design, user promotion, and market liquidity for a wider adoption of the prediction market. (Veil: Make Augur Leader of Prediction Market?)

  • 12:19

    The Ethereum upgrade has been postponed again, but unlike what happened previously, this time the upgrade is delayed due to a potential vulnerability discovered two days before the scheduled date. From last October to this January, Ethereum and its team have been repeatedly questioned by investors because they have not been able to reach the roadmap on time. The slow progress and lack of solutions to existing loopholes have also made the community dissatisfied, and someone in the community even interpret the incident as a helpless action because the team cannot complete the upgrade on the specified date. The final result of this series of situations has made a continuous decline on the token price, and some of the genesis block investors have chosen to withdraw. It is true that Ethereum is the undisputed best public chain in the past two years, but in the future of the public chain track, in the face of the rising stars, the Ethereum, which has frequent problems, can still maintain its first place? (Evaluape)

  • 12:16

    Binance has said it expects the island of Jersey, which is a self-governing dependency of the U.K., to be a major driving force of increasing cryptocurrency use in the European market, with Brexit part of its reasoning for expanding into the region. (Forbes)

  • 12:13

    Spanish automobile manufacturer SEAT has joined Alastria consortium to work on the development of blockchain-based products. Cointelegraph in Spanish reported the news Jan. 16. Founded in 1950, SEAT is a state-owned industrial company and Spain’s largest car manufacturer. SEAT’s turnover reportedly reached a record figure of 9.552 billion euro ($10.878 billion) in 2017, which is 11.1% more than the year prior. (Cointelegraph)

  • 11:51

    Sterling Witzke, partner at the Winklevoss twins’ family office Winklevoss Capital, says she doesn’t think 2019 will be the watershed year for institutional investors to get into crypto. Witzke backed her claim by arguing that expectations are running ahead of facts on the ground. (Cointelegraph)

  • 11:35

    Australian cryptocurrency exchange CoinSpot announced today the launch of their specialized Over-The-Counter (OTC) trading desk, that allows members to perform high-volume transactions without the need of traditional public order books. (CryptoNinjas)

  • 11:33

    Andreas Antonopoulos, a Bitcoin supporter and the author of Mastering Bitcoin, talked about Bitcoin (BTC), the crypto space and how government regulations could affect the entire system. The OFAC announced that it is blocking these addresses from operating with U.S.-based crypto platforms and entities. Antonopoulos believes that the concept of banning specific addresses is “ludicrous.” (Bitcoin Exchange Guide)

  • 11:29

    Despite recent belt-tightening at Brooklyn-based ethereum venture studio ConsenSys, the company’s investment arm is ramping up outreach to independent startups. ConsensSys Ventures, headed by managing partner Kavita Gupta, announced two new investments on Thursday: $1 million in the Paris-based crypto wallet and trading platform Coinhouse and an undisclosed amount in the encryption-centric browser Tenta. (CoinDesk)

  • 11:08

    The government of Venezuela is encouraging its citizens to buy property using the controversial Petro cryptocurrency – and giving them a discount to boot according to local news outlets. (CryptoNewsReview)

  • 11:04

    Chile’s residents will reportedly have to start paying cryptocurrency-related taxes in April of this year, as the country’s government has included cryptoassets in its books, and put out a form for this specific purpose. As reported by local media, Chile’s residents will have to report income related to cryptocurrency trades as “other own income and/or third-party income.” (CryptoGlobe)

  • 11:01

    As it turns out, Bitcoin Cash has never, ever, mined a block that is 8MB in size, reports cryptocurrency research group LongHash. In fact, over the past 500 days, Bitcoin blocks have been 30 times bigger than BCH blocks, on average. Indeed, in the last 30 days, the average size of BCH blocks was 34KB. That’s just 3.7 percent of the average size of Bitcoin‘s blocks, which was found to be 923KB. (The Next Web)

  • 10:47

    Crypto trading startup ErisX is expanding its board of directors as it prepares to launch spot and derivatives markets for digital assets, including bitcoin and eventually ethereum. The company announced Thursday that Joseph Lubin, founder of the ethereum development studio ConsenSys, and Cris Conde, a technology entrepreneur, had joined the board. They will serve alongside DRW CEO Don Wilson, Valor Equity Partners managing partner Antonio Gracias and ErisX CEO Thomas Chippas. (CoinDesk)

  • 10:27

    According to a December exchange report by CryptoCompare, in December, Maltese exchanges processed just under $40 billion worth of digital currencies, more than second-place Hong Kong with $32.5 billion and twice as much as the U.S., the fifth largest hub for crypto exchange trading. (MarketWatch)

  • 10:24

    Last year, the correlation between Bitcoin and the stock market has been a topic of debate. There might be some correlation in the past, but it is no more there as Mati Greenspan, the senior analyst at eToro took to Twitter to share. “Correlation between bitcoin and gold, USD, and the stock market has moved to zero this year.” (CoinGape)

  • 10:18

    On Thursday (January 17th), New York-based cryptoasset investment firm, Grayscale Investments (“Grayscale”), a subsidiary of Barry Silbert’s incubator and venture capital firm Digital Currency Group (DCG), announced that it had launched a new single asset fund—Grayscale Stellar Lumens Trust—designed to give investors exposure to the price movement of Stellar Lumens (XLM), which is currently the sixth most valuable cryptocurrency by market cap. (CryptoGlobe)

  • 10:00

    A bill allowing corporations to issue blockchain-based tokens that represent stocks was introduced in Wyoming on Jan. 16, according to the official state legislature site. House Bill 185 is sponsored by Representatives Olsen, Brown, Hunt, Lindholm, Western and Zwonitzer and Senators Driskill and Rothfuss. If passed, the bill will become effective on July 1, 2019. (Cointelegraph)

17 Jan
  • 18:53

    Arguably the worlds most popular cryptocurrency wallet and exchange platform, Coinbase, has bought out a data collection startup in San Francisco called Blockspring. Coinbase didn’t disclose how much was spent on the acquisition but it’s unlikely to have made much of a dent in the company, which was recently valued at $8-billion. The new purchase is believed to be a talent-related acquisition, with Blocksprings staff now joining the Coinbase team. (cryptocoinspy.com)

  • 17:24

    Thailand is rapidly becoming one of the most crypto friendly nations in Southeast Asia despite still being in the grips of a military dictatorship. The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) has plans to apply for a digital license which will enable it to operate a cryptocurrency exchange. (NewsBTC)

  • 16:36

    Ross Ulbricht has been transferred to a new prison. This time to USP Tucson, yet another high security prison where he will be locked up likely alongside fewer murderers and hardcore gang members than previously. (Bitcoinist.com)

  • 16:19

    Is Wormhole, the supposed game-changing project backed by Bitmain CEO Jihan Wu, is no longer “auxiliary” to the Chinese cryptocurrency mining company? This week, reports surfaced that the Wormhole team has been “disbanded” and that the “project is over.” Jerry Chan, Head of Department at SBI Crypto Solutions, tweeted on Wednesday that a source has confirmed “that Bitmain has cut it’s entire WormholeCash team.” (CoinGeek)

  • 15:37

    Goldman-funded startup Circle released, for the third consecutive time, a report that indicates the company behind US dollar-pegged stablecoin USDC does possess sufficient capital to back each individual token on a 1:1 basis. The “attestation report” aims to dispel any doubts and reassure investors that its cryptocurrency is backed by U.S. dollars. The move is important due to nagging questions around Tether’s major stablecoin, which has been dogged by speculation that it holds insufficient capital to support its $2.6 billion market cap of USDT. (Finance Magnates)

  • 15:17

    ICOs made almost $13 billion in profits from their token sales despite the 2018 cryptocurrency bear market, new research from BitMEX reveals. (Bitcoinist.com)

  • 14:19

    It’s been over a year since the scaling upgrade known as segregated witness, or SegWit, was activated on the bitcoin network. Even so, only an estimated 36 percent of all bitcoin transactions are actually using it. (CoinDesk)

  • 13:36

    The Thai Ministry of Finance has rejected the last cryptocurrency exchange application it had been reviewing. The exchange, which has been ordered to close down business and return customer funds, is determined to stay operational. “Shutting down is not an option for us,” its chief strategy officer reportedly said. (Bitcoin.com)

  • 13:16

    Cryptocurrency markets are mostly green today, according to Coin360 data. Most of the top 20 coins by market capitalization are up over the last 24 hours, with Bitcoin (BTC) holding firmly above the $3,600 mark. (Cointelegraph)

  • 11:48

    Sirin Labs’ decision to launch its first retail store in London is in part due to the city’s crypto community, but it is also partly down to the U.K. capital’s position as one of the main technology hubs in Europe. (VentureBeat)

  • 11:34

    The deadline for submitting tax returns in the U.K. is January 31, 2019. If you hold investments in Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency it is important to be aware you may owe corporation tax, income tax, or capital gains tax depending on your activities. The U.K.’s HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has shared its most recent guidelines. (Bitcoin.com)

  • 11:26

    Rumors spread last week that Russia might be pondering the possibility of acquiring a considerable amount of Bitcoins as a means of fighting U.S.-imposed economic sanctions may not be entirely accurate. According to an article published by the news portal Forklog, Elina Sidorenko, chairperson of an interdepartmental working group of the State Duma for managing risks of cryptocurrency turnover, commented that although the country may have an interest in implementing this type of technology, from her point of view she does not see a possibility that such mass adoption will occur in the short or medium term. (Ethereum World News)

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